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Have you heard this? Have you seen about this?!

Animatist! These are some fine human_folks who subtly blend genres, but most would probably say: "They're like psychedelic math rock with post rock tendencies and wisps of jazz fusion and definitely groovy and some people might say they're prog, but I don't really think they're prog, but they are the literal sense, I think, and their new set gets pretty damn crazy, ya know?!"

...I mean, that would be the simplest way of putting it...

Anyhoo! Their new set is crazy good! Having witnessed it myself a few months back (see full review!), I can attest to the goodness! With all sorts of body-rocking polyrhythmic swivel-cycles, textural sound swerves, and tactful interplay between musicians, there's nothing not to love about the band's energy and passion for performing complex yet intuitive human_music. What's more?! There's a fantastic opportunity to see Animatist up close & forthcoming real fast when they join a splendid line-up of awesome math-y Dream Kitchen bands on August 8th for Splendid Industries' Inaugural Ball @ Junction City Music Hall!

Come one, come all, it's gonna be....a really good time...!


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