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In Dust We Trust

Updated: Jan 15

We at Splendid Industries receive many questions regarding our in-house research team Dusts of Binary. In an effort to alleviate some of the mystery, we are here & now to offer our patient human_inquirers a little insight into what our team actually is, and what they're really up to. Let it be established that from this moment onward Splendid Industries ($™) and affiliates accept no legal responsibility for adverse effects resulting from the statements & opinions provided in this document.

"The world is not anymore the way it used to be."

- DustBits

As you may already know, Dusts of Binary (or DustBin) operates out of our Splendid Methodologies Laboratory (or SplendidMethLab) working tirelessly to develop new auditory technologies to assist human_kind as it enters the Post Binary (or PostBin) era.

So what does this mean exactly? Well, in the current age of unprecedented technological evolution, society has been spurred forth, interconnected, and subsequently overwhelmed by globe-spanning developments in computer sciences based on a foundation of binary systems invented by 19th century mathematician George Boole (see Boolean Logic).

While binary strategies have unquestionably dominated the collective social consciousness model and permeated areas including globalization, industry, and political motivations up to this point, the gaps left by our familiar "1"s and "0"s system have been undoubtedly uncovered.

Yes or No? Left or Right? These are the questions human_kind has asked for a near-century of binary dominance.

Now, the polarity of such a system is sure to generate a polarizing response in and of itself.

(You may already be able to see why this system has reached its expiration date.)

In otherwords, those hard at work in our SplendidMethLab believe it may be time for binary to bite the dust, so to speak. Making way for innovative developments designed to rocket human_kind over the new horizons of our PostBin future isn't easy, but pioneering strategies are a requirement if the human_species hope to cope with the fluxing climates of a shifting landscape. It may seem like a frightening time.

"We are Making a New World"

- Dusts of Binary

Though the urge may surge to outright panic when assessing the uncertainty of these revelations, $™ requests that you plz remain calm. As we cross over into a new age of quantum discernment, our dust in TrustBin to assess & address your immediate concerns has not diminished - quite the opposite.