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[LIVE] Infinite Monotremes Make a Racket @ Tranzac 1°/15/2°19

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Since the sounds of Infinite Monotremes have at times been characterized as a "racket", the collective have decided to provide their audience with the comprehensive definition of such a term with their upcoming performance at the home for improvisation & experimentalism in Toronto -- Tranzac Club!

The most unusual of mammalian species, Monotremes are known to reside in their natural habitat of Australia, so it seems only fitting that these creatures would trek direct from Oceania to perform for Toronto audiences at Tranzac (the title of the club adopted as a combination of the countries Toronto, Australia, and New Zealand).

So, human_friend, plz join us in witnessing the 'Tremes in quartet form stretch the boundaries of sound as they comb the expanses of your very own

e t e r n a l _ o u t b a c k !


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