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[LISTEN] ART the Band – Well Priced Victorian

Molding together a mellow groove-sustaining soundscape with counteractive streams of rhythmic ideas, the multi-faceted mosaic being formed by Toronto jazz fusion collective ART the Band expands in grandeur with their Summer 2018 single “Well Priced Victorian”.

Impressionistic clouds of smooth calmness radiates from the band to uplift oneself into the sultry musings of guest tenor saxophonist Yesseh Furaha-Ali. A change in formation occurs at around 3:35, as ART the Band provides us with a roughly discrete yet tightly bound audible collage. This adventurous section is professed by a repeated main upward disjunct refrain, horn shots against guitar strokes, and string progressions providing a tidy bed upon which the drummer can have at an craze-evolving solo. The entire piece concludes with full-on dramatic renditions of the main refrain by the entire band, before they all fade and evaporate for a profound sustained exit… A precious rich piece, good gentlemen.

“Well Priced Victorian” is a free / PWYC download on ART the Band’s Bandcamp.


Originally posted to Ride The Tempo on 07/06/2018


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