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[LISTEN] Waxlimbs Rec'd Live @ Desert Fish!

New from Waxlimbs! Two (count 'em 3!) unplugged pieces from their album The Autumn Bell (June 2019) recorded live at Desert Fish Studios in Toronto!

Here we are treated to the sounds of the group recorded in an intimate setting with sparser production cues than the full-length albums. As expected, this offers a glimpse into the quality of a Waxlimbs live performance (see our review of their performance back on 4/18/2019!) albeit on a somewhat softer note as the band can get pretty damn heavy when they have all those big amps & dirt pedals in tow.

A lovely addition to the repertoire of thoughtful and subtly intricate works the group has established thru-out the years, this is a beautiful bit of audio to while away to.

In addition, those who feel inclined should really have a head over to Waxlimbs' Patreon page where a even a small donation will help these fine artists continue to create new works at such a swift pace. This year has seen a lot of output from Waxlimbs, and we're sure you'll agree that a dollar spent on honest art is one of the most worthwhile things you can do with those silly paper notes.


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