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[LIVE] Infinite Monotremes play AudioPollination 74 @ Array Space - °8/°3/2°19

A special AudioPollination where the Infinite Monotremes and special guests are first forming random small groups to play to 9 short films by Evan Harkai - then forming a conducted ensemble.

$10 - doors at 7:30 - music at 8pm

Artists involved:

Curtis Whittaker (Drums and Percussion) Tyson Headon (Bass) Danielle Fernandes (Sax) Brent Probably (Guitar, Synths) Kieran Miraj (Synthesis) Evan Harkai (Spoken Word) Elizabeth Lima (clarinet and voice) Olivia Shortt (Baritone Sax) Michael Lynn (aka mkl32) (upright bass)

Event listing:

Welcome to your e t e r n a l _ o u t b a c k


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