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[LIVE] SMK Presents: Reverie of Peace

Edited Photo and Poster by Scope Overseer Photogenics

Human_sentries! The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope - Concert Curation was at rest, brewing plans and orchestrating new ideas, during the summer. I am so pleased to finally present and enact this first new showcase of progressive, fusion and alternative live music. It will be taking place on Saturday September 21st at the ANAF Club 344 in Guelph, Ontario, featuring a Peanut Gallery musical bundle of jazz fusion loveliness!


I dream of serenity... I long for harmony... I reach for joy!

We all dream and yearn of obtaining peace... be it within ourselves, overcoming and adapting with our internal turmoil... be it with each other, when we seem to not be able to accept our distinctions, see past them and co-exist together... with love and respect. I am proud to be hosting this brand-new concert curation on the International Day of Peace!

A diverse encompassing soundscape will rejuvenate our hopes of goodwill with Guelph's phenomenal harpist Leslie Shapiro aka The Naked Harpist, Guelph/Toronto's passionate alternative folk duo The Waverlys, Toronto's energetic jazz fusion quintet ART the Band*, and the headliners and making their FIRST appearance in Guelph... Montreal's eclectic progressive folk rock band La Greffe**!

*Member of the Peanut Gallery of Splendid Industries!

**This will be their only Ontario appearance in this time-space!!!

Join us, as we unite to create, nurture and strengthen the bonds of friendship and fellowship, be they old and new, near and far...! | Saturday September 21st @ ANAF Club 344 - 32 Gordon St., Guelph, Ontario, N1H 4H1 Doors 8:30 PM Start 9 PM 19+ / LIC $10 / PWYC Admission Physically Accessible Safe Space Event No Hats Policy | Supported by: Jesse Alarcon Splendid Industries |


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