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[LIVE] Splendid Industries' Inaugural Ball™!

Updated: May 13, 2021

This is the 1st EVER LIVE EVENT in Splendid Industries' concert series exclusively featuring the artists & acts of The Dream Kitchen! This is a truly momentous occasion for all of us here, and we hope you will join us for a night of angular mathrock and mutant jazzcore, all accompanied by fractal visualizations, and more!

The Line-Up:

(Tricked-out bobble-head jump-math jazzcore, y'all!)

(Tripped-out psych-math jazzrock, yay!)

(Tweaked-out noise-rock math-jams, yum!)

Dusts of Binary (DustBin)

(Timed-out glitch-fonk punk jazz, yesss!)

(Tranced-out warp-spirals & geometric texture swirls, yo!)

All this and more for only $10 @ the door!

You may also contact us beforehand (see button below) for our EarlyWorm™ Special wherein purchasing your tickets in advance will also get you a FREE DOWNLOAD CODE for DustBin's UPCOMING FULL-LENGTH ALBUM scheduled for digital release in December 2019!! (Just enter "early worm" in the subject field of your msg.)


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