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[NEW] Animatist's INVERTED REMIXED on Glue Gun Records

What a treat! Animatist's music all chopped up and rearranged into a multitude of electro-phantasmic shapes & forms by the artists of Glue Gun Records, Plutoid, and more!

Featuring all the remix techniques of notable PG-affiliated talents such as Feyla, Animal Party, Kieran Maraj, and Erin Corbett, this is a total feast for your auditory cortex. Sometimes beautifully reconfigured, other times almost completely unrecognizable, this assembly of wonderful musical minds takes us on a trip thru all that is/was Animatist's most recent full-length LP, INVERTED.

And how about a great excuse to revisit the original, eh? Just seems like the proper thing to do, now doesn't it, human_friend? 👇👇👇


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