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[NEW] ART the Band - "Imaginary"

Out for this fine Bandcamp Friday -- ART the Band drop their latest single, "Imaginary"! Ahhh, and this one is just the most lovely modern jazz fusion at its best!

Listening back across AtB's catalog will tell of the deep-pocket syncopated passages which are hallmark to the group's approach (obvs) but the band is really on a whole 'nother level at this point, yo!

Never letting the pesky tech aspects spoilblock the musicality pathway, always being sure to give their audience something to dig into, both intellectually and viscerally, this one's really got our soulbrains bubbling over what the contents of that upcoming full-length (Sept 18th!) might have in store. So dig into your own deep pockets and grab up some currency notes to share with these fine ART practitioners on a day where they get all that appreciation sent straight thru their bank account! You buy now:


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