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[NEW] Astrolope music, so [WATCH], whynot?

Oops! Very busy falling behind on my homework, but this fresh Astrolope album got released to the world back on Oct. 1st! Then, just this very today, the one-man-army-band that is Loud Paul goes ahead and puts out this video taking to task all the tasks you could! And oh, my!!

So, [WATCH] as our pal Paul multi-tasks to the max, taking care of performance, sound, and lighting in one fell swoop! And what a swoop! Just what we all need right now! The music is [LIVE], so stomp your hands and clap your feet to all the wonderfilled sounds of the one and only AstroPaul!

Oh, and maybe whence you've obtained your fix there, go right on over/up there to get these mindbowling sounds pumpin' thru your tiny mobile speakers sans visuals every day of the week! Buy 'em to listen...even whilst you drive or walk, human_friend! Woah!




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