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[NEW] Autocatalytica - Powerclashing Maximalism

A more punishingly mighty metal monster juxtaposing wisping melodic tangles there could not be. With bite and spit enough to leave you feeling chewed and spewed; even with occasional jazz-hands, there is never a moment duller than the shining sonic glow of relentless force and continual forward push cramming its way thru the gateway of your ear passage direct into your brain's little house.

Obviously starring the multi-instrumental/vocal talents of bandleader and singular AutoCat think-tank, Eric Thorfinnson, the line-up assembled for this record is also notable for featuring several familiar human_names. From the multi-faceted percussive skills of Neilroy Miranda whose drumming can be found all around the album (ya reeeeally need a drummer with much versatility for any musical outing this far-reaching!), we may also hear the sax styles of Derek Serbin on "Cheggo", and both of these fine human_folks are also mainstay members of Mississauga jazz fusion band, Dog Drive Mantis (see Peanut Gallery). There are certainly a number of other contributors to note, such as Scott Carruthers (of Northern Heirs) guest-vocalizing on a few tracks (Scott has also worked with Eric on indie-psych proj Hosana.), and a bunch more human-symbolizing-letter-clusters I fail to recognize atm. Of course, I'll become more familiar as I sink my mind into everything going on here, and there is soooo much here, so plz, dip a toe, jump right in, have a quick drown around the dark-rolling waters of Powerclashing Maximalism by the one and only Autocatalytica!


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