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[NEW] Blastronaut - Nadrix, The Dealer

Goodness! Blastronaut is back after a loooong hiatus and here to crush minds with this latest 2-track EP chock-packed with stringy avant-chaos and math-rhythm bursts! (FYI, those're our fave kinda bursts, human_folks!)

So, go over to their Bandcamp right now and pick-up this Friday surprise and crush up your own mind a little bit!

Also, plz note that Blastronaut features human_members and fellow Peanut Gallery artists such as Robert Grieve (microtonal guitarist/composer) and Matt Fong (Future Machines, Falcon Punch), so like, whatever's in the water wherever these dudes are drinking, we just don't know, but there's no mistaking - this release is a real thirst-quencher! (...and also a mind-crusher, let's not forget about that ever-important mind-crushing 🙃)


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