[NEW] DustBin Late Nite Classix

Updated: Nov 5

A msg from DustBin:

It's a LoveSong™, folks!

Nearly a decade spent collecting dust in $™'s junk vault, this thing is thought to have been kicking around since sometime in early 2010. Rediscovered in Sept. 2018, though sounding a bit of a mess (muddy stereo-only mix of just bss/drms/gtr w/ some screwy dynamics + zero pizzazz), Toys volunteered his time off-the-clock to finally complete this one for your listening...umm..pleasure? A little late & better than never, we're happy to inform that you may now own this previously unreleased piece of stuff as was intended - all scrambled and broken sounding. We hope you enjoy!?

What the world needs now...



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