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[NEW] "Earth is Unmade" by Waxlimbs

Just one week since the latest heartfelt delicacy, Earth is Unmade by our human_friends @ Waxlimbs, has arrived in our mailbox! Check it out, then check it out foreal! It's beautiful, so plz go ahead & sign that cheque!

(Note: Cheques are not an accepted method of payment.)

To say this has been a busy year for Waxlimbs would be an understatement -- not only have they released two (2) singles this year, but their full-length The Autumn Bell is still ringing fresh in our ears. So, as we all seem so busy unmaking the Earth, these lovely human_people occupy their time with much more constructive activities, like continually crafting beautiful works of audible art.

Art to save your Earth by.


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