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[NEW] Infinite Monotremes: Live @ Track Could Bend (Debut Release!)

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Capturing Infinite Monotremes in the wild is no simple task, but $™ has done it. Through diligent efforts, the call of this rare creature may now be studied as we are able to provide audible evidence of one group in a their natural habitat. Five live specimens were documented by Joe Strutt on October 1st, performing as a part of Track Could Bend @ Wenona in Toronto. As the first of two rounds, this serves as record of the Monotremes' seemingly free-wheeling approach for further analysis. I posit that this is undoubtedly evidence of an interactive community wherein the call (or "racket") of one Monotreme is actually received as an interpretive cue by the others, leading to a chain reaction by which they intuitively follow transcendental wavelengths in space-time formed thru metaphysical entanglements for about 14 minutes, or so. There is still much to learn about this newly discovered, seemingly unreal species — it is starkly apparent that SplendidMethLab's research has only yet begun.

**IRL, the Monotremes are an open collective of open minded musicians from Toronto / GTA comprised of performers from several notable art/music outlets from across the city. In fact, if you are an improvisational musician or artist who lives even remotely nearby, we might just urge you to inquire with us as your participation is encouraged and new membership is always welcome!

So, human_friend, plz join us as we traverse the eternal outback, letting this wise & mysterious breed of amphibious, oviparous mammal guide your ethereal journey across the astral plane forevermore.

Infinite Monotremes Live at Track Could Bend #55
L-R: Toys (bass/fx), Danielle Fernandes (alto sax), Brent O'Toole (guitar/fx), Curtis B. Whittaker (drums/perc), Kieran Maraj (granular synth)


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