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[NEW] LUGE is on the Up & Up!

This is some serious fonk right here! LUGE is up & @ them w/ a new singular song! Up & Up is rockin' socks, lemme tell ya! Cranking fine gems out like they're fuggin' zirconias, just fuhgett abowed it!

This latest tune comes nearly a year since they flooded your damn living room w/ full-length album, Tall Is Just A Feeling (2018), and it seems consistent with the band's evolution. More ambitiously composed than their earliest work, Luge have grown to give us multi-dimensional listening experiences whilst keeping in tact all of the charm and endearing quirkiness that made them such a standout act in the 1st place.

Of course, this track is way-up-there top drawer stuff, but fear not little one -- if you have trouble reaching up that hi all ya gotta do is feel a bit taller and you'll be just fine.


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