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Luge has really gone & done it this time! Nothing can stop these crazy kids have made some kinda brand new album, lemme tell ya, and they even did that thing where they titled it just like they're titled -- LUGE!!

Quirky as can be, this may induce frolicking (even capering!) amongst your closest friends and houseplants (tho fewer outward signs from the plants, to be sure). There is no other explanation for a collection of musics so fresh and sparkling that your selves might just roll themsleeves up and your hands might just unwittingly caress your pontificating face with slaps of joy.

No doubt about it, Luge will smack your eardrums with delightfully unique sounds that make our currently sideways world seem a better place. Things are looking up & up, so don't get down & down, get Luge by Luge, and feel rather HUGE, y'all!

A Sidenote: I know it's hard, maybe even impossible to wait, but on May 1st Bandcamp is doing that thing again where they give artists 100% moneys from all purchases! So yeah, double your budget and wait a few days, or just triple your budget and buy it right now! Buy it 3 times and send it to your human_friends as a gift via satellite! Whatever works for you! We won't judge!


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