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[NEW] Piers Oolvai - Philosopher's Wool

This most recent news from Piers Oolvai (aka Nicholas Cooper) has been the grandest yet! A brand new debut long-form improvised performance of solo bass clarinet run thru outboard FX! Beginning with a swell, as if to beckon the rising tide, Piers immediately conjures an emotional response from his audience (that's us!) Filling our headspace with rich sonic warmth, the piece unveils themes in gradual fashion, allowing the breath of the instrument introduce us this artist's unique voice. As one may find solace in the these enveloping tones, there is also a dark energy which belies the purity of peaceful passage. We are taken to a place where our thoughts are lead by timbral dips and trills, emanating moonlight and nightsky, engaging the listener in a state of introspective ponderment. Certainly a favourite for wee-hour listening sessions, the mysterious incisiveness of this piece has been captured perfectly by Piers' own emblematic animal donned on the cover art -- The Owl.

It should also be noted that in addition to performance and artwork design, Piers also took the reigns as audio engineer on this project with some helpful input from a few human_friends, the most prominent of which being Sinéad Bermingham who, in addition to being a member of some of our fave weirdos in Other Families, can be found creating wonderful works of art & music as Animal Party! It is the absolute privilege of all of us @ $™ to know Nicholas as a colleague, collaborator, and most of all a friend. With the coronation of Piers Oolvai now complete as this fittingly marvellous ceremony of sound, it is now left to us to appreciate & admire as we await the next sonic stanza from this magnificent musical orator.


Also!! Be sure to catch Nicholas live on the radio 3pm every Monday taking the helm as host and Guardian Overseer of The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope, casting his gaze from the observational tower toward the worlds of progressive, alternative & experimental music styles @ CFRU 93.3 FM or streaming @


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