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[NEW] Sever by Animal Party

This just in! Animal Party (audio outlet of musician/producer Sinéad Bermingham) has just released a new single titled "Sever" on various online platforms!

A beautiful drifting melody envelops the listener as textures build and invite your passage thru this electro-rhythmic ambient experience. Worldly in its development and seemingly unbound to the conventions of one particular culture, this is music that traverses idioms and forms together like a tapestry of sound. Near the mid-point, layered vox are introduced connecting us more directly with the artist as this soundscape moves gracefully thru lyrics which evoke feelings of longing and distant memory. Like a rising tide, the atmosphere sweeps in and retreats as gentle waves of song & voice, leaving the listener in a floating, contemplative state. This is music to get lost inside your own head to.

Plz visit Animal Party's FB-page to keep apprised of news and future releases from this highly talented artist.

Sever was presented as a part of Good Listener 6 ⁠— a monthly meet-up for a group of TO artists who like to hang out in a garage sometimes.


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