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[NEW] Single + more from Square Boys!

Woah! Check it out! Everybody's favourite mobile videogame music cover band is back with new stuff!

Square Boys brings their latest single Plants Vs Zombies: Roof Theme to life with an absolutely hoppin' arrangement for wind & percussion! Bouncy and energetic, if you reside among the living this one'll getchya lid popped off! And you'd better believe there's no shinier roaming hoard around town or elsewhere, sucka!

This single also happens to turn over a new leaf for Square Boys: Keeping your brains tingling, the band will be releasing a new single each month as well as kicking off this release and their official "cotton" anniversary on January 24th @ one of their fave haunts, Drom Taberna in Toronto! Be sure to check the event listing here:

Plants Vs Zombies: Roof Theme is available for download via Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify.

What a splendid time to be alive, human_friend!


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