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[NEW] SMK now on Bandcamp!

The First Expedition in SMK's Concert Curation Series (poster by Nicholas Cooper)

The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope now has a Bandcamp page!

If you have attended one of my concerts this year, you will have noticed me attending to a portable recorder. I have recorded each show for multiple purposes: for myself to work on my audio production skills with live material, for my radio counterpart to feature these artists on-air at CFRU 93.3 FM, and for the artists who so desire to have live recordings of their performance. I have created a Bandcamp page to place the concert recordings on because I do not wish these recordings to be lost in my computer domain and I want to further promote the wonderful artists I host in these concert curations.

Up right now is The First Expedition concert from May at the ANAF Club 344 Guelph, featuring Piers Oolvai, standpartners, Seawater + rose and Gelax Band. You can either listen to it right on Bandcamp, or download them. It is PWYC, with all proceeds being donated to CFRU 93.3 FM. I recommend listening to each artist's set all together. Enjoy!

(Editor's note: Check out Nicholas Cooper's review of this very performance right here!)

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