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[NEW] SQUARE BOYS - Don't Hurt Me EP

Out now from the most mythical glimmering polygons since turn of the century videogames -- Don't Hurt Me by Square Boys collects all those sparkling singles from the past 6 mnths, or so, bringing you all those retro-recent wonders in the form of brassband arrangements and hype marching videojams!

From total classix like Pokémon Red & Blue: "Game Corner" to Super Mario Bros: "Overworld Theme", to the Canadian-composed theme from Cuphead: "Floral Fury", this one's got something from every era, emitting nostalgic feels in all directions. So, human_friend, go get your game on and have a time with Square Boys in the comfort of your living space...

...And btw! Maybe hold off on the purchase of this one for just a couple days b/c on July 3rd Bandcamp is forking all of your moneys over to the artists, so what better way to show the ❤ to these glossy semi-human_specimens than spending some of that shiny digital currency currently burning a hole in your virtual wallet...😉🦄


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