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[NEW] Stick It To 'Em Vol. 1: Glue Gun Records Comp

Our human_friends and total fuckin' champs @ Glue Gun Records have just released a brand new compilation of HOT GLUE showcasing the diverse range of artists adhered by this wonderful supporter of original, unusual & obscure local music! Stick It To 'Em Vol. 1 provides us with a sampling of previously unreleased tracks by a line-up of amazing acts, several of whom are also prominently featured in The Peanut Gallery! Animatist, Yumster, Milhouse, VERSA, & so much more! We feel so privileged to have bonded with our gummy-gooey human_friends @ Glue Gun and look forward to sticking it out alongside them in our collective mission of bringing you the goopy goods now and into the extended future!


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