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[NEW] Waxlimbs - Violent Age

Out now from Waxlimbs -- "Violent Age" is a rock-electro headbanger for the eras!

Getting real heavy on this one, the severalth in a fleet of singles the band has been producing like clockwork, it's gotta be the most in-your-face cortex-masher of the collection thus far. With textures allsorts, from aforementioned electro weavings to slippery saxophone lines threaded through multi-layered vox arrangement (now a hallmark of the band's sound), grinding bass, thundering drums -- this track goes hard and strong without compromising depth and detail! So, what else to say but open your ears to the 'limbs and do take the travel back thru the band's myriad monthly flourishes, if you haven't already, human_friend 😎


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