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[NEW] Waxlimbs - Witnessing

Out now on Plutoid Records! (

With a mix thick like butter & audio clear as a bell, this new big-sounding single from Waxlimbs is a sheer rock statement standing all on its own without need for any accompaniment. The guitar/bass tone meld perfectly to create a blend that hits in all the right places against a backdrop of the crispiest kit-sound giving the tune an extra physical edge thru percussive precision. Like, this beat mandates your movement, yo!

What's more, even on a single release, the attn paid to detail from sonics to visuals is always remarkable. Featuring some strikingly scaly/skeletal artwork by Saffron Aurora (, the imagery matches the lyrics matches the music perfectly, a culmination of which resonating admirably uncompromising results upon realization, as always.

So, maybe take a wise tip and follow Waxlimbs over on their Bandcamp cuz,,,psst! I've been hearing rumblings of something else in the works, maybe in the way of another single coming up soonlike, or something, so keep your ears peeled and eyes wide cuz you wouldn't want to miss witnessing one winding note of Waxlimbs, now would you, human_friend...


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