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Personal Favourite Albums of 2020

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Greetings, human_critters! Happy New Year! The state of world continues to look troubling and bleak, but in the darkest corners, joy and resilience can be mustered from us all, within ourselves and together apart. Music continues to have that majestic force across the ever-changing horizon, and this past year fantastic creations have bloomed into existence to help us cope and release ourselves to it!

I would like to present my top 30 favourite albums of 2020! These albums personally caught my eclectic interests with excitement and awe, essentially shaping my musical landscape for the year (but never exclusively just these select few; this is but a taste). Important to note: this is a nonhierarchical list, in a randomized order.

Help me celebrate these wonderful human_souls! Enjoy 🎶💕

Animal Party - Enchantment [Plutoid]🍁🎡

Devouring Saturn - Fortis Rebis [self-release]🍁

Lunatic Soul - Through Shaded Woods [Kscope]

Thanya Iyer - KIND [Topshelf]🍁

Clara Engel - Hatching Under The Stars [self-release]🍁🎡

Speaker Face - Crescent [self-release]🍁

Jonathan Hulten - Chants From Another Place [Kscope]

Erin Corbett - Swelter Holt Sweat & Mettle [Biblioteka]🍁🎡

PIQSIQ - Taaqtug Ubluriaq: Dark Star [self-release]🍁