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[OH, YEAH!] Compilation dateshifting, everything lovely...

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Hey! Just so everybody knows, we didn't space-out and forget about Yearing In Review with a Splendid compilation for New Year's, we just decided to switch it up a little. So, for 2021 we're going to begin releasing the comp on March 12th instead, which is our very 3rd anniversary. (This will also help us going forward to remember our own anniversary, something we have evidently struggled with in the past.)

And thx so much to all the human_artists for making 2020 in '21 such a wonerfilled time with absolutely nothing to complain about at all! (Seriously tho, the hard-volumes of brilliant music-works we've heard from our artist_friends is nothing short of remarkable. Really is just so inspiring to yours truly, y'all!)

Anyhoo, we'll be back again soon with more news about this, and pay attn in the short term cuz there're always be more sights and sounds to adore sticking out and around the next bend, human_friend!




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