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[LIVE] $™ presents JazzTobacco + Hoarse Opera

Updated: Apr 30

Splendid Industries' Math Faire is an irregularly occurring event showcasing math rock and adjacent musical displays. In this iteration, human_audiences can expect a night of hard number crunching and crushing balletcore, counted in twos.

The lineup:

Hoarse Opera (IG @hoarse.opera) - A new heavy math rock guitar/drums duo featuring Dan from Baby Labour

JazzTobacco (IG @jzztbcco) - As is standard practice, a full dose of JazzTobacco is carefully administered to human_audiences by $™ science team members Toys 'n' Dreb

Event link: ...And for incessant news and videos and assorted junk, you maybe want to follow our IG feed here 'n' there @splendidindustries


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