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[PREVIEW] Animatist - Inverted : Album Playthrough on the SMK!

The anticipation to hear Inverted, the new album from lovely post-rock sovereign nation Animatist, is excruciating I can imagine! How can one sleep at night knowing new mathy tendrils and surrealistic expressions loom on the ever-changing horizon?!? Can you wait for Friday July 3rd, for it to be released in full via Glue Gun Records? Would you crave a sneak peek, listening to it on the radio waves? Am I alluding to a new type of special feature happening during of The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope?!?

Who waits atop the inverted pyramid+?> Where is my motivational salience!)_

Why are oranges orange!>!?

Tune into the SMK tomorrow, Monday July 29th, as I host an radio album playthrough of Inverted on CFRU 93.3 FM /! While the observational session starts at 3 PM EST, the playthrough feature will commence at 4 PM EST! I want to thank Brent, Danielle, Steve and Ian for allowing me to handle their precious darling!

Screenshots from ANIMATIST - Live on CFRU 93.3FM - YouTube

Here is a DIRECT link to the radio live stream (due to some current online maintenance to the usual listing portal):


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