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The Art of Lisa Ng

Updated: Apr 27, 2021


Long ago (over 10 years long!) The Peanut Gallery was founded to support art & music from Toronto and beyond. One of the first artists to be included was Lisa Ng -- a visual artist from TO who displays her creativity and sense of humour thru often cute, occasionally disturbing, but always visually engaging paintings/drawings. In the time since The Peanut Gallery opened, closed, and then opened again, Lisa has crafted many new works featuring many new animals and developed many new innovative ideas (nearly 10 years worth!)

"Eyeball Pie" by Lisa Ng
"Eyeball Pie" (2007)
"Flamingos In The Bathroom" by Lisa Ng
"Flamingos In The Bathroom" (2014)
"Cloud 9" by Lisa Ng
"Cloud 9" (2008)
"Blue Frog In The Shower" by Lisa Ng
"Blue Frog In The Shower" (2015)


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