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Splendid Radio Archive N°1

Since producing our very 1st episode of Splendid Radio, it only makes sense that we archive the tracklist for this and future episodes for your listening pleasure/convenience. We hope you will enjoy the sounds of The Dream Kitchen, and if you really got somekinda problem, well whynot tell us all about it in our Complaints Dept, human_friend? 😉

  1. Astrolope - "Song for Cats" (unreleased)

  2. Other Families - "Good Listener" (from the album MOONROCK [2019])

  3. Bicyclops - "Koto" (from the album Near [2017])

  4. Waxlimbs - "Earth is Unmade" (released as the single Earth is Unmade [2019])

  5. Luge - "skin so green" (from the album Luge [2020])

  6. sly why - "re stijl" (from the EP live [2018])

  7. Blastronaut - "Huey" (from the EP Nadrix, The Dealer [2020])

  8. Robert Grieve - "Caterpillar" (from the album Nusuth [2015])

  9. Mingjia & the Tortoise Orchestra - "Friend" (from the album Feel Seen [2018])

  10. Infinite Monotremes - "Eternal Outback N°1" (from Live @ Track Could Bend [2020])

  11. Dusts of Binary - "OtherWords"

So yeah, hey, that's episode N°1 thru the pipeline! And what a time! So plz tune in again for the next one (...whenever that is) as we share a bunch more of our fave weird sounds with you, our most splendid human_friends! Thx!




This episode of Splendid Radio originally aired on September 28th, 2020 as part of


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