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There's a new Dream Kitchen in town...

Yes, human_friends, it has been a little quiet time around here lately, hasn't it?

Seems for this moment in human_history, we are facing a complete paradigm shift as it pertains a few of the most important things to we @ $™ -- art, music, community gathering, accessibility to audiences, all those things that we do, for you, you know? It's an undeniable stress on us all, of course, but so what's the plan than...??


...Oh-hey! Here's something:

Well, as it appears our favouritest band-to-fan music download platform, Bandcamp is cont'ing its niceness in that all-proceeds-go-to-the-artists-on-the-1st-Friday-of-every-month thing that they keep doing so kindly, so we've decided to make a few kindly changes ourselves -- We're skipping the middle-man (that's us!) as The Dream Kitchen now takes form as a pictoral directory of all those splendid TO+area bands'/artists' very own Bandcamp pages, taking you direct to the best place on the net to fork over your shiniest nickels to these artists who more than deserve it at a time when we could all use some more shininess in our lives. We have/will be adding even more artists at a much swifter pace, so for now plz, have a listen, and always thx for being a patron, showing your support, and stewing feverishly for the day when live shows can be a thing again and we can put this wretched time-out behind us.

That's one thing...

One other thing is that by reluctantly doing away with individual artist profiles, we are now able to utilize this newly opened space as a free gateway to exposing the other facets of our artistic community. For starters, it's been a long time coming that we re-opened the "Sights" dept, right? That's coming real quick, and so we're looking out for all of y'all visually inclined/multimedia weirdos out there specializing in the surreal, abstract, glitch-pop, lo-art depths and stretches of the imagination, splattering it on the page (literally or figuratively) and waving it proud for us to see! Show us what you got so we can show it to our human_friends, too!

...And yeah, that maybe one other thing, but there's still so much to c'mon that we might not even be quite sure what kinds of things exactly we've planned to expect to roll out for you yet even...! Bet it's probably gonna be somethin' good tho!!

That's now, for all folks!




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