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Hey human_folks! We're gonna be putting on events again! We're gonna do a bunch of different stuffs this year, so contact/comment for details if you are:

1) A weird band that wants to play weird shows!

2) A weird solo or duo act that wants to play weird shows!

3) A weird visual artist who wants to do weird art stuffs at weird shows!

4) A weird person who wants more info on how to attend more of our weird shows!

So yeah, shows, that's one big thing, but this year we're also getting in on the weird community events kick and will be talking a lot more about that from now on! Let us know if you'd like to take part in some open jam-types of things, or just meet up for weird conferences, or something. All things will be weird, all things will be artistic, some things will be free, some things will be pwthyfls (pay-whatever-the-hell-you-feel-like-sucka), and some things will maybe make/cost you small amounts of money depending on whether you're up on stage or on the floor! PS - Here's a little audio/visual reminder of some weird stuff we've done:




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