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Ummmm... Hi!!

Hey, human_folks! It's been a whilst! We celeb'd our anniversary, had a real nice cat-nap, and now... we're back! Looks like some stuff has happened, too! VERSA is now officially Static Channel out with a new single and everything, Waxlimbs released a new single eloquently capturing what we've all been ruminating, ART the Band put out a new single that we haven't even heard yet cuz Spotify is just pure evil (but don't let that stop you!), and Other Families, well Other Families, lemme tell ya!

There were some live-streams we missed (sorry!) whilst freaked out and hiding away up north-ish with not-so-good internets, but we did make it around to see our friends @ Exit Points getting down with those improv FUZZ JAMZ(!), and we sure-bet there's probably more news that our human_friends can fill us in on, whynot?

So join in as we get ready-set for sunnier, livelier, noisier days ahead... and whilst we're at it, how's about a few more exclamation points, on the house!!!!!!!!

Be safe, get your needles, and see y'all soontimes!



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Glad to hear your reactivated! Ready for more FUZZ JAMZ! hehe

Me gusta
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