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[UPDATE] Fresh DK Recruits & Other New Stuff!

Updated: Jan 15, 2023


It has been a while since we've hopped aboard our little red recruitment wagon and gone door-to-door soliciting new members, so this set of profiles is long overdue! We have added several new artists/acts to The Dream Kitchen, and (while we're @ it) we've updated existing DK artist profiles to include the most current & relevant info we could find. Plz, take a look/listen at/to the most recent PG inductees!

Baby Labour - mathrock jamz and stoned observations feat. members of Yum Dumpster

Falcon Punch - mathy jazz rock feat. a member of Future Machines & Blastronaut

Future Machines - hyperactive bit-crushed mathrock feat. members of Falcon Punch

Lack/ Like - anti-folk / alt-country solo project of Lucas Zielke

Piers Oolvai - aliased avant-garde / improvisational bass clarinetist Nicholas Cooper

Snake & Crane - post-punk Eastern psych feat. a member of Animatist & Ned Flangers

standpartners - dream jazz / chambercore strings & electronics duo

Yum Dumpster - mathy noise-rock jamz feat. member(s?) of Baby Labour

(Stay tuned for even more awesome artist profiles coming real soontimes!)

In addition to these new profiles we have also reinvigorated the "Sounds" collage and linked many related profiles (see - "Splendid Affiliates" on each profile page). We made some aesthetic changes making all the profiles a little prettier to look at, too.

This is just the next phase of the beginning for us, and we'll happily inform you whence we've reached the middling stage. Until then, we invite you to invite those you like/love to come check out what we've been up to! Plz_n_Thx!

Lo, a truly exciting time for the blessed humanoids of Canada -- rejoice!




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