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[WATCH] Fractal Sound - Live Visual FX, Graphics, Audio/Video & More!

Fractal Sound is an audio/video production house spearheaded by Peter Gorski. In the studio (and wherever else) Peter creates beautifully trippy fractal animation, visual fx, graphic designs for posters or album covers, and his own artistic projects. Recently his musical works have come to light in the form of bāsal and as recently as one week ago his first video was released to accompany his instrumental composition, A Brief InnerMission. On August 8th Peter may also be found @ The Peanut Gallery Inaugural Ball where he'll be spinning live VFX and mathy FRACTALS (...and maybe even a couple boat crashes, ya never know!) This is all accompaniment to a night brimming with amazing talented musical bands making all kinds of great mathy NOISE! C'mon out and witness a night of MATH! Join us all for a night of multimedia FUN!


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