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[WATCH] I Have Completed My Family by Animatist @ Splendid Industries' Inaugural Ball

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Back on 08/08/2019, Splendid Industries hosted its 1st ever live math themed multimedia event featuring a slew of outstanding experimental acts! Now you may see/hear for yourself exactly what went down that evening as we unfurl exclusive live video of the performance! Here you will find Animatist making the whole room queasy via their stomach churning rhythms and nausea inducing melodies! Accompanied by the swirling fractal backdrop developed and controlled in real-time by Fractal Sound, this was a night filled w/ the sort of sickening festivities one might expect from an event as notable as Splendid Industries' Inaugural Ball!

We hope you will check back and subscribe to our YouTube channel (SplendidIndustriesTV) to make yourself privy to all of the other spectacular videos we have and will continue to be rolling out in the very near future featuring the other artists from the evening!



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