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[WATCH] Kitzl - Wizard Girls

The mystical cosmic being Kitzl has bestowed upon this land the magical ethereal entities known as 'Wizard Girls' on our mortal plane, caught on film for the first time! They sparkle and tantalize the day with enchanting hues of topaz and sapphire in meadows and stone cliffs, and wonder and brighten the night with effervescent glowing parasols and ominous red googles in the woods. 'Wizard Girls' chant heartwarming words of personal rebirth, the strength to overcome adversaries and living as your elemental self amongst surreal poetic imagery. Shimmering synth waves, chiming bells and bounding beat tapestries can be heard filling the atmosphere around them.

'Wizard Girls' appears on Kitzl's 2019 debut album 40 Moons That We Know Of, available on various online music platforms... like Bandcamp!


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