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[WATCH] Other Families - L.A.P.

Eyes are sweating and teeth are whetting as we enter the setting of Other Families begetting the best thing since some guy sliced up a loaf of bread once a long, long time ago...

Straight outta lockdown, OF has returned anew to bigscreens & little ones with this crisp iso-vid! Cramming this much fonk into your computer speakers is no breezy task, but jeezuz, this one hits like a hard gust of bricks, y'all! Newly feat. a couple obscure faces -- Aaron Williams (who we also heard one time on MNRK) & Sam Doll bring their vox skills to the various rooms of your house, wrapping their mouths around the inimitable Zach Buck's lyrics. Surrounding those words with some fuggin' bumpin' stylistically twisted musics, Megan Therese Romano joins mainstay creative patriarch Jesse Manou here to grapple the compositional duties, together whipping up a fine fusion of hard electro-texture and authentic/synthetic brass band arrangement brought to life here like no other family/band/cult ever could! Audio single available now for download thru the regular channels...of course, on June 5th Bandcamp is passing all revenue straight to the artists, so maybe go buy it up right then/there and make your momma reeeeal proud, human_friend!


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