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[WATCH] Waxlimbs - Watcher (Official Audio)

Waxlimbs are keeping their feet moving fast across the earth, this marking their third release in only a couple months! What immediately captivates beyond initially impacting my assorted cortexes with their audio/visual mastery (as usual!) is the stark realization of the sheer gravity of this piece. A soundtrack to soul-searching, or an ode to discover/recognize/embrace the inner truths of one's psyche form the sturdy roots from which such a liminal letter may flourish. The importance and sensitivity of the message conveyed by Waxlimbs here, and through Lex's lyrics in particular, is undeniable. This movement provides insight into the acknowledgement and ascendancy over personal dissonance, tracing the paths to realizing one's self within one's self. A framed window into the universality of our individuality, even. This song is a statement, a calling, a true gift to us all, and as inadequately simple as the words seem to me, I can only hope my most sincere gratitude comes through in stating them in bold: Thank You




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