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Waxlimbs - Dead In The Water

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

On October 31st Waxlimbs released their second single in less than a month! And carrying on with the sheer drive of their last entry in Witnessing, here we are treated to what feels like a continuation in this gracefully turbulent rock-slide the band is on! Or shall we say tidal wave this time around?

Opening in serene "calm-before-the-storm" fashion, the foundation quickly takes shape with the rhythmic push of guitar & bass combo of Will Jarvis & Lex Metcalfe, topped in elegant contrast by the powerful vocal stylings of Olivia Claire, actually contrasting with herself here as she provides back-ups to her own vox in fore. Oh, and let's not forget our human_pal Paul kickin' it in back, holding down all the percussive duties, gelifying the performance and propelling the currents of sonic undertow to sweep you off your feet and far out into deep water.

As always, impossible to ignore the beautiful visual presentation here, with Waxlimbs always prominently featuring such aesthetically gifted human_artists as Emma Mochii ( atop the covers of their masterfully conceived audio-releases.

Hallowe'en may have since past us by, but it's never a bad time to head on over to Plutoid and snap up a new invigorating piece of sound like this...and oh, what's that? Bandcamp Friday is coming up fast? Like this very Friday? You don't say... 😉


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