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What's [NEW] is [OLD]

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

We couldn't be more excited (well, maybe we could) to announce our 1st ever product launch! It's new, and it's old! It might not even be ready yet! It's everything it sounds like and absolutely nothing else!

$™'s recreational science team Dusts of Binary have been slaving away over a hot stove in our SplendidMethLab for what seems like a whole damn era cookin' up an entirely new substance for your very own sensory alteration. This is only our first strain (Bent Fabric), and as usual the results of our half-baked testing are never quite clear, so plz report any unexpected outcomes to your nearby local scientist, and always enjoy

JazzTobacco® responsibly, human_friend!


Splendid Industries ($™) and affiliates accept no legal responsibility for adverse effects resulting from the consumption of this substance.



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