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[UPDATE] What's New? Features Unlocked!

Greetings, human_folks!

All of us here @ Splendid Industries are excited to announce some big developments to our community website. Our Complaints Dept. is now fully functional with the addition of a "Members" section, as well as some other fun stuff.

Joining allows you full access to secret areas of the site as well as the ability to comment on blog posts and engage with fellow members in our forum. We have added a "Review" section containing various categories including "Live"/"Album" reviews as well as "Current Affairs" and "Miscellaneous" posts. Current Affairs allows you to publish news about you/your art directly to the site which can then be easily shared via your social media channels. The Miscellaneous section is just that, a place for random musings, poetry, letters to the editor, etc. (We'd like to think the Live/Album review sections are pretty self-explanatory.)

(More categories coming soon!)

And now it is our pleasure to invite you to come take a peak, be a word-spinner, meet the neighbours & share with your friends!



Complaints Dept.


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