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"Writhing Star" (Dying of Exposure): Dusts of Binary

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

This month's Writhing Star (Dying of Exposure) is none other than $™ recording artist Dusts of Binary. With their pre-debut bonus track, "Xmas All At Once", we may observe the 1st installment in their DustBin Xmas Classics concert series. 

Originally presented to the world at large in December 2017, this track pays a nod to those many afflicted by tribulation as result of a season expertly engineered to drive mass consumerism to feverish heights.

Here, our DustBin team have gingerly gift-wrapped a little something special just for you. Crammed into just over 3 minutes, never before has festive cheer been made available with such expediency and totally lacking in unnecessary plastic. Perfect for the Xmas lover (or hater) in your home. 

We hope you will enjoy, human_friend. 


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