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[LISTEN] RETIRED - Crimes Against Jazz

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

RETIRED: Having prepared themselves by preemptively retiring, it seems this month's Writhing Star couldn't be more ready to Die of Exposure!

One thing's for certain, the minute you hear the band's album Crimes Against Jazz (2016) you'll know this is a group with a uniquely blistering and brilliantly alienating approach. I was instantly impacted by the quartet's deconstruction of jazz tradition. Straight away, from the genius caricatured cover art, to the sometimes seamy song titles ("3 Day Jazz Bender" earns a special place in my heart), the intent is clear and delivered with meandering precision. Pushing further the path tamped down by Ornette Coleman, all the way to the audio production, this thing sounds aged and feels like some lost gem from another era.

Realized (im)perfection.


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