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A Splendid Talk with... ART the Band | First Contact

Band Members (Left to Right): Sean Clarey, Stuart Brignell, Nick Marshall, Sean Dennis, Austin Gembora

Artist: ART the Band

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Peanut Gallery: Sounds


ART the Band! What a name! Who is representing the band for this talk? Who are your human_friends in the band?

Hey haha, yes, it started as a joke but it stuck. I’m Sean Clarey and I play Guitar; my bandmates are Austin Gembora (Drums), Stuart Brignell (Sax), Sean Dennis (Bass), and Nick Marshall (Trombone).

ART the Band @ ANAF Club, Guelph, 2019 - Photos by Nicholas Cooper / Scope Overseer Photogenics

As we unfortunately did not get a chance to talk in person, I would like to thank you and the guys for being part of my concert curation last September 2019 at the ANAF Club in Guelph with La Greffe, The Naked Harpist and Mark Honestly. How did you feel about the show?

We love playing in Guelph any time we get the chance. The Student population mingles with an already vibrant Art community to create some really great projects. There are also tons of spaces open to hosting live music. Silence, Red Brick, and some of the houses we used to play come to mind. The La Greffe show was no exception.

How did you come up with the group’s name, ART the Band? Is it symbolic in any way?

The Band has always been an art project. We have little commercial ambition because we know that our music is a bit esoteric.

Would you mind describing the TIGHT musical style that ART the Band creates from your talented collective minds?

We love listening to groups that push what is possible rhythmically. Knee Body, Steve Lehman, Meshuggah, Animals as Leaders, and Tigran Hamasyan are all influences on our writing. I think it’s this interest that pushes us to try to refine our own approach to playing. People experience limbic resonance more quickly when hearing a challenging and exhilarating rhythm.

How did you all come together to form this band? Apparently, on Bandcamp, there is a single track called ART TEST from 1994… does the band go WAY back then?

I wasn’t alive in 94... so I can’t say for sure.