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A Splendid Talk with... Eric Thorfinnson | First Contact

Artist: Eric Thorfinnson

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Peanut Gallery: Sound

Splendid Affiliation: Autocatalytica


Eric, my man! How are you? Happy Birthday, by the way! It just passed by and I never got the chance to wish you a wicked awesome day! Did you do anything thrilling for the day you came into this human_life?

Thanks dude! Nothin super crazy, just had some super dank Pakistani food at Lahore Tikka house, hot tip : Its rad af there.

I must confide in you and say that you will be one of the first Splendid Industries artists that I do not know too much about personally until literally recently. Maybe we can change that soon? A discussion between us two later ;-) Right now, why don’t you tell us about yourself for our human_friends: Who IS Eric Thorfinnson?

Would love to have a discussion! As far as the intrinsic parameters of my meat-vessel go, I’m a human_dudeguy, recovering neophiliac, B-tier Hippieburner, unflinching glutton for literature, gamer with a penchant for masochism, and a perpetual bullshit-connoisseur who paints like a kindergartner on acid. Also I play, write and record a bunch of music.

Has music been an essential life-sustaining part of your life? When did you start playing music? How have you developed your musical skills?

Yabsolutely, I started playing piano around 5, guitar around 9, and composing relentlessly from there onwards, expressing my creative tyranny as equal parts benevolent dictator and tantrumming despot. My psychopathic stubbornness and persistent delusions of grandeur have certainly helped inch me slowly towards my goals, but I would probably credit my time spent at Berklee in college as being responsible for the biggest steps I have taken forward, especially with the utterly awesome theory and composition classes I was able to take there.

You lead the Toronto progressive metal band, Autocatalytica, another Splendid Industries member. We can delve deeper into the band with its own Splendid Talk in the future, but can you give us a broad overview of Autocatalytica? Who is involved aside from yourself? How would you describe the band’s style of prog metal?

Autocatalytica started as my one-man metal solo project in 2009, rising out of the ashes of my Oakville based high-school prog metal band Ex Kathedra. Once I got to Boston [to Berklee Collage of Music], I gradually filled out the line-up with drummer Emmett Ceglia and guitarist Erik Sorensen, as well as a rotating cast of bass players. We recorded an EP, and two LP’s, and also all moved to Brooklyn. In 2015, I decided to move back to Toronto to escape the crushing uncertainty of trying to acquire a US visa, though not before finishing the writing and recording of our last LP, Vicissitudes. Shortly before my departure, my dear friend and guitarist tragically passed away, which definitively closed that chapter of Autocatalytica. Currently I am working with a rotating line-up of musicians on an upcoming Autocatalytica LP which will be a much more varied collaborative effort, with all the songs featuring the amazing drummer Neilroy Mirand