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A Splendid Talk with... NAVI | First Contact

NAVI (L-R): Trish Joong, Matthew Romerein, Justin Huang Ford

Artist: N A V I

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Peanut Gallery: Sound


Greetings to you! Let us begin our first contact between fellow human_friends by introducing its members.

Hello Peanut Gallery. NAVI consists of Justin Huang Ford and Matthew Romerein, and are at times joined for live shows by Trish Joong.

How did you all meet and form this entity? Where does the name NAVI come from? Does it stand for anything?

Justin and Matthew met as DJs in a previous life, primarily spinning the dark and futuristic side of drum and bass. The name NAVI comes from an anime called Serial Experiments: Lain, where the interfaces the characters use to access the internet (which has become akin to another dimension parallel to reality) are called navi’s.

What is NAVI’s instrumentation?

Coming out of a long history of different stylistic interests, we use a combination of electronic and acoustic instrumentation to create our compositions. Piano, guitar, bass guitar, synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and modular synthesis are blended to create a unique sound palette.

NAVI is distinctively intriguing and of its own universe when compared to other artists I have listened to and interviewed thus far in the PG family. What sort of music do you perform and why are you interested in the production of such radience?