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Erin Corbett & Astrolope do a Jam or 3.

Yep, we've finally done it. The most hotly-anticipated collaborative-improvised-atonal-synthetic-percussive jam video of the decade, so far.

So yeah, pretty cool right?


Well yeah, it's pretty messy and chaotic to be fair, but we actually find it oddly listenable and even musically satisfying at times!

Myself and Erin had never really jammed or even hung out together before this, but we knew that we'd have some musical chemistry simply because of our mutual appreciation for unconventional synth sounds and off-kilter rhythms that are evident in both of our musics. So what you see here is the result of us just setting up our instruments and just going for it, with no particular goal in mind. Oh, and they were a fun hang too! We had lasagna, I recommend it.

If you must know the gory technical details, all that's happening is that I have a couple of modules in my synth case that take the audio coming from contact mics on my kick and snare and turn them into modular-level gates and envelopes. From there, we just wire those (thru an exceedingly long chain of stack-able patch cables) over to Erin's rack, where they do who knows what with it. Oh yeah and my rack is doing some stuff too, but not all that much really.

So we multi-tracked all that noise into Ableton Live, where we did a simple mixdown with no arrangement edits or timing adjustments, and called it a day.

By the way, if anyone out there wants to remix some of this material I'd be happy to provide the stems!

So that's it! Hope you enjoy, but we understand if you don't.


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1 Comment

Nov 29, 2021

Raunchy. I've been coding to this all afternoon

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